Hi! I’m Amanda


I'm a life-long convener and intrapreneurial builder of infrastructure; a forward-thinking executive who sees how things can be improved and effectively aligns human, social, natural, and financial capital to move towards that better vision. I'm passionate about making shifts happen – together!

In Practice

I'm a co-founder and CEO at the Institute for Corporate Transformation — a firm dedicated to intrapreneurship that offers individual changemakers curated, highly strategic programming to increase their capacity to drive change in the 6 areas of the Stakeholder Score: collaborative relationships, caring cultures, inclusion & equality, financial prosperity, ecological regeneration, and company purpose. 

I'm also the co-founder of Living Room Conversations — a nonprofit sharing an open-source conversation framework proven to build bridges across divides of politics, age, gender, race, and nationality. 

As well as a co-founder of the Bridge Alliance — a coalition of 100+ organizations dedicated to advancing the healthy self-governance movement in America through open-minded collaborations that embrace differences, honor the citizen voice, and focus on solutions.

Additionally, I co-created and co-facilitated the Conscious Capitalism Consultant Certification program as well as designed the curriculum, catalyzing a growing global network of elite consultants working together to accelerate the transition to stakeholder-centric business models.

Through my coachsultancy, AKR COLLABORATIONS, I design and operationalize sustainable workflows and systems to provide opportunities for all members of the ecosystem to contribute to innovation and activate a co-creative culture rooted in care. I currently serves as producer and co-host of the Oxford Economics of Mutuality Global Forum with Paul Polman, a senior consultant on operational implementation and social impact for EOM Investment Advisors, executive creative director of Vine & Fig Tree, creative partner in Ubuntu Living, executive tutor for Saïd Business School Executive Education program, and facilitator of the Changemakers Growth Formula course.

Outside of Work

I'm an adventure-seeking wanderlust woman, having enjoyed living on both coasts of the United States and working in every state across America. A fierce momma bear, I cherish dance parties & road-trips with my three children. I love spending time in the great outdoors, laughing big belly laughs with lifelong friends, running marathons, dancing whenever the mood strikes, & listening to classic rock while on the go.