Live Well in the Boardroom and Beyond at Work

Live Well in the Boardroom and Beyond

at work

I see you - poised, confident, and bold – you are a rockstar in the boardroom! You are a phenomenal leader that is respected and appreciated by your staff. Your stakeholders and directors are continually impressed with your creativity and results. You have a home that is filled with laughter and many of the comforts that you have worked hard to provide. But… you are burned out, unhappy, and lately, you feel like the things you are recognized or praised for aren’t the accomplishments that are really important to you – the ones that elevate and lift others up while making a difference in the world are the ones that truly matter in your heart and soul.

You work hard and your drive for success and impact is unrivaled. And yet, even if you are afraid to admit it, you recognize that something is off. You know how important it is to be disciplined when you are building a strategic plan or implementing a new initiative but the discipline you once had in taking care of yourself has slipped. You are the first to take responsibility to make things happen at work, but that fierce sense of responsibility for your own well-being seems to have disappeared under quarterly reports and staff evaluations. You know how valuable it is to gain insight from other innovators and leaders in your field and beyond, but the insight into your personal growth and development has been foggy lately. You are a vigilant advocate for metrics and validation to ensure sustainable growth and progress for your team but you haven’t been checking in with yourself to validate how things are going for you. You are always there to offer a helping hand to a colleague; the first to volunteer to stay late to meet a deadline so that the project is done right; and the last to leave a challenging meeting to make sure that you are encouraging all the stakeholders to keep moving onward and upward… but you are beginning to notice that no one is really offering that encouragement to you.

Well, imagine if there was one single solitary step that you can take right now that could change all of that – just one daily habit that can empower you to focus on YOU. Would you want to learn exactly how to redirect that drive you are so well known for to increase your own happiness and overall wellbeing? I know that there was a time in my life, not so long ago, that I was desperate for it! And so, I am more than happy to share it with other rockstar women making it happen in boardrooms around the world! Are you ready for it… here it is – the single solitary step you can take right now to reclaim your happiness and sense of fulfillment – PRIORITIZE WHAT MAKES YOU SMILE!

That may sound shockingly simple to you but trust me, if you apply that discipline, responsibility, insight, validation, and encouragement – your DRIVE to this endeavor, it will transform your life! I know because I have been right where you are – feeling like my life had somehow taken on a lackluster sheen while I was in the process of building successful teams, driving profits, and designing innovative breakthroughs! If you can commit to prioritizing what makes you smile every day, for even just one week, you will feel the weight lift from your shoulders.

To help you get started, I want to share a short 7-Day Challenge for Living Well in the Boardroom and Beyond… pick a week and commit to it for seven days straight!

Day 1:

Uncover What Makes You Happy

Grab a piece of paper or a fresh page in your journal and make a list of what makes YOU happy. Yes, the things/people/places/experiences that can make you smile at the mere thought of them – you know the ones that give you pause and have you genuinely laughing out loud! Here are some ideas that might help get your creative juices flowing… reflecting with 10-20 minutes of meditation; reading a chapter in a book that you enjoy; having a dance party in your bedroom/office/the shower – letting loose; sitting in silence outside sipping a cup of hot tea or coffee; lip syncing to your favorite song – hairbrush mic included; enjoying a glass of wine surrounded by loved ones and a delicious meal; the giggles of a little person; listening to your favorite band at concert under a summer moon with a cold beer in your hand. It can be anything! Your list can be short or long! This is about YOU and what makes YOU smile!  After you have your list written down on the page, circle the number one thing on it and notice how much of that is in your life right now. Commit to adding that to your life as much as possible this week. 

Day 2:

Visualize Your Perfect Day

Take your musings on what makes YOU smile and channel all of that into a day jam packed with happiness, joy, and laughter! Write a letter to yourself or someone that you care about describing the absolute perfect day as if you had just experienced it. Truly allow your mind to wander. Let go of any pre-conceived notions about how or why you are able to experience all of those perfect moments, just describe it – feel it – write it! Think about all of your senses - what do you smell when you wake-up, what and/or who do you see, what do you taste, what do you touch, how do you feel? Visualize every aspect of the day. Be as descriptive as possible and write in the first person, present tense. Once complete, read it back to yourself and savor the experience of visualizing it! 

Day 3:

Scatter Joy

Now that you have taken some time to tap into your inner self and begin to uncover the Awesome Sauce that makes you tick, it is time to turn that outward. As we know, it is in giving that we receive. Today’s challenge is to make three other people smile: a stranger that you pass on the street or in the grocery store; a colleague that is struggling with a tight deadline or a challenging client; a friend that you haven’t touched base with in a while. Take a few moments to think about how you could make a difference in the lives of others by helping them to smile with genuine appreciation. Remember, that joy you bring into those three people’s lives today may be the only sunshine they see. 

Day 4:

Take Yourself on a Date

Pull out your favorite outfit – the one that makes you feel beautiful as you slip into it, like anything is possible because you feel that damn good – and take yourself on a date! Just you. Maybe your date relates to something from the list you created on Day 1. Maybe you check out a new movie or the trendy new restaurant that you have been dying to try. Maybe you treat yourself to a massage, pack a picnic and head out to a local park, schedule a mani-pedi, or enroll in a course to learn something new or brush up on a hobby that you have been neglecting (and missing). It’s Ladies Choice – you are in charge of your happiness, today and every day! On your way home, pick up a new journal if you don’t already keep one – you will need it for tomorrow.

Day 5:

Begin Discovering Your Unique Rhythm

Open up that new journal that you picked up last night – I hope you enjoyed your date! Spend a few minutes writing down as many things as you can possibly remember that have made you smile over the course of the last five days… from the tiniest to the biggest... don’t worry about grammar or sentences or order just write down your thoughts in a free flow of expression. The wildflowers that you noticed blooming outside of your office that you never even knew existed before this week. The way your child smiled and giggled when you took some extra time to play when you got home from work. The heartfelt message from the colleague that you paid a little extra attention to on Day 3 when they needed it the most. The amazing way you felt when you came home from your date and laid your head on your pillow for a restful night’s sleep. ANYTHING at all that has made YOU smile! After you have exhausted all of the happy recollections from the past five days, take a few minutes to read back through what you have written down and let gratitude wash over you. Success and accomplishments in the boardroom are important and you will appreciate them in a different way when you have the perspective of experiencing authentic happiness in pursuit of your passions – your unique rhythm.

Day 6:

Tap Into Your Beat  

Take a walk outside for 30 minutes today. When we are surrounded by nature it helps us access our feelings in a different way. Enjoy your surroundings and the fresh air. Let your mind wander and reflect on your experiences throughout this challenge. Ask yourself how each step has felt, what it empowered you to feel or do. Notice the way you have been showing-up or responding over the past six days. Have you gained any new perspectives or priorities? Do you find yourself evaluating how you invest your time, talent, and resources? Think about how you felt before you accepted this challenge and how you are feeling now. Does it feel like you have tapped into a beat that is resonating in a deep way in your soul? Do you see yourself in a different light?  Have you begun to quench that yearning to apply your passions and skills to fully express yourself and optimize your daily lifestyle? Have you reignited the spark that is all your own? If it helps you feel complete and/or process this reflection more thoroughly, spend a few minutes writing in your journal as you think about the answers to these questions and the others that come up on your walk.

Day 7:

Level-Up For Passionate Work Life Rhythm

Ready to Be More, Do More, and Live More? Ready to Live Well in the Boardroom and Beyond? Commit to developing a daily practice that combines all of these elements for the next 30 days. If you prioritize what makes you smile on a consistent basis, not only will you continue to learn about yourself and what your mind, body, and soul needs to become happier, you will be a more effective business leader. You already know how to shine in the boardroom, these steps will support you in living well beyond the boardroom. I highly recommend instituting a morning practice that creates the space for you to focus on yourself before your responsibility to support others throughout the day begins. Combine the elements of what you learned during this challenge and craft a way to incorporate them into your daily routine. Continue to journal. Continue to reflect on how you are feeling and what is shifting in your presence and results at work and at home. Continue to access your own beat and tune up the unique rhythm that is all your own.

Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor. Thank you for accepting this 7-Day Challenge on Living Well in the Boardroom and Beyond and for committing to put in the hard work to start discovering your unique rhythm. Share your journey to becoming a Disruptor for Dignity at work with us here.

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