Amp Up Your Energy at Home

Amp Up Your Energy

at home

Are you the woman that has been focused like a laser on achieving success at work, empowering an amazing team, and achieving incredible benchmarks?

Has your starpower continued to shine in the boardroom while it dims in other areas of your life?

Are you feeling like you have just totally lost your rhythm?

Now don’t get me wrong, there was definitely a time, not too long ago, when you were hitting those high notes like the ROCKSTAR that you are! But lately, you just feel off-key, out of step, like you just can’t get in sync with the beat that used to be so familiar - right?

I know this likely isn’t the first time you have heard this, but you probably need to be reminded that the ability to discover your rhythm is directly tied to how tuned in you are to your own beat. Trust me, I know that sometimes the volume is turned way up and sometimes, we make a very conscious decision to hit the mute button on the very things that quite literally used to make us sing out loud… Which, I am assuming, is what happened with you and why you are reading this article. I’ve been there too!

So like me, you probably thought that you would just hit the mute button for a short period of time while you launched that new initiative at the office; or trained those new team members; or got your son potty-trained; or once you finally made time for a proper date night with your partner – you get the idea. But somehow, all of those responsibilities have managed to drown out your personal rock anthem. You know that you used to be able to sing a wicked rendition of Journey’s classic, Don’t Stop Believin, but somehow, while you climbed the corporate ladder, you lost your rhythm and the ability to rock out while the wedding DJ of your life continues to play all your favorite songs.

Wait – don’t leave the dance floor just yet! You can tap into your own beat once again and start leading a life of passionate work life rhythm that is ALL YOUR OWN! Don’t Stop Believin’ - because I once was where you are – unhappy, lacking true fulfillment, and out of rhythm, but after taking the time to intentionally  disrupt for my own dignity, I am Living Out Loud!

There are 8 stations that you need to save on the presets for the dashboard of your life in order to discover your rhythm, amp up your personal energy, and unleash that disruptor that is inside of you, buried underneath the noise of others’ expectations and the pressures of everyday responsibilities. So, settle in, and get ready to listen-up and tune-in so that you can start amping up your energy and productivity by starting at home!

Don’t stop believin’ yet – hold on to the feelin’ because I am going to help you adjust the frequency of your life by showing you how to tune in to the natural rhythms of your passions, talents, and skills! You know what they are – what really pumps you up and makes you feel like you are on top of the world!

But let’s get real, be honest with yourself – how much of that do you actually have in your life right now? Don’t dwell on why you have lost your rhythm, let’s focus on how to get it back! I am going to share those 8 stations and highlight what you need to tune into so that you can amp up your happiness, energy, and productivity levels. Are you ready to take back the controls and turn up the volume on what really matters?

Here are the 8 stations you need to set on your daily dashboard and what needs to be on the playlist for each of them as a Disruptor for Dignity:

#1: EMOTIONAL: managing your stress levels and coping with life’s challenges

#2: INTELLECTUAL: cultivating curiosity and the ability to learn from new experiences

#3: SOCIAL: establishing and maintaining positive relationships with family, friends, and colleagues

#4: ENVIRONMENTAL: taking responsibility for the quality of the environment you live, work, and play in

#5: OCCUPATIONAL: gaining personal fulfillment from your chosen career while tapping into your unique work life rhythm

#6: PHYSICAL: moving and hydrating your body; eating a well-balanced diet consisting of mostly whole foods; sleeping 7-8 hours a night; and limiting alcohol

#7: FINANCIAL: living within your financial means; planning for future financial health; making conscious decisions on how and where you are spending money

#8: SPIRITUAL: spending time exploring and understanding beliefs, values, and ethics that help guide your life

While it might seem like this is a lot to handle, you’ve TOTALLY got this – you are a ROCKSTAR GODDESS, you just need to tune back in so that you will feel personally fulfilled at work and at home, in your day to day routine. These are the stations that YOU NEED on your own personal dial so that you can amp up your energy and productivity at home, work, and play. If you have read this far, I know that you clearly relish a challenge, just like I do, so I want to invite you to try the Amp It Up 14 Day Challenge.

Choose three of the following activities in the Amp It Up formula to incorporate into your daily routine for 14 days straight. Commit to taking 10 minutes each night to journal on how you felt adding these 3 activities into your day. Be sure to reflect on how you are showing up, what you are focusing on, and where your energy is throughout each day.

Activate Your Creativity

Create something! It could be cooking or baking your favorite dish; writing a poem; checking out one of those cool studios where you can paint and drink wine! Create something that speaks to your passions; something that you have been wanting to try but never seem to have the time; something that makes you feel alive!

Move It

Get your body moving! As a health and wellness coach and a classically trained ballerina, I highly recommend at least 30 minutes a day of activity that increases your heart rate and gets your endorphins pumping. Check-out that new studio near your office that is featuring that popular new trainer everyone is talking about. Lace up your running shoes and hit the road. Pop on a workout video at home and sweat it out. Just get moving – don’t worry about how you look or even if you are doing exactly like anyone else; focus on feeling more confident in your body and the strength that will increase each day.

Play Outside

That’s it! Get outside and revel in nature – take a walk; grab a kayak and head out to the lake; pick-up a hiking stick and climb some nearby trails; meditate in a field of wildflowers; run around with your kids; take an evening stroll through the neighborhood with your partner. Whatever helps you tap into that childlike wonder at how the natural world around us works, do it!

Increase Your Passion When You Speak

Share what you love and why you love it! Use your hands; change the tone of your voice; speak from the heart; share personal stories. Don’t be afraid to share your dreams and passions with others. Practice verbalizing what you are passionate about in your life and/or what you would like to add to your life. Be proud – it is what makes you, you and you are fabulous!

Thank Someone

Go out of your way to thank someone new each day! Send a text message letting someone know how much you appreciate them. Take the time to handwrite a note and drop it in the mail to someone you don’t get to see often. Call a family member or friend and thank them for something they did recently that made you smile. Stop by a co-worker’s desk to thank them for the great addition they made during a team brainstorm. Send a loved one flowers just because. You get the idea -- take the time to go beyond just saying ‘thanks’ and demonstrate how much that person really makes a difference in your life.

Uncover Your Inner Disruptor

Break a rule! Have you imposed certain rules in your life because of societal pressure? Does the status quo dictate how you spend your time, talent, and resources? Are there self-limiting beliefs that have crept into your life that you know are holding you back from unleashing your inner Disruptor? Here’s your chance to unleash your skills and talents to level-up for the life you want to lead! I’m not advocating breaking any laws, but I am encouraging you to notice when you feel obligated to do something. Take a break and check-in with yourself to make sure it lines up with your integrity. Are your actions lining up with the values that you believe in and hold dear? Let your inner Disruptor roar!

Put Yourself to Bed Earlier

Get your sleep! If you really want to amp up your energy and productivity in the boardroom and beyond you need to get 8 hours of sleep each night, consistently. You are exerting a lot of mental and physical energy over the course of a day because you are leading and creating like a boss – your body and your brain need a break! Institute a regular bedtime for yourself and stick to it; you will see results.

Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor. Thank you for accepting the Amp It Up 14 Day Challenge and for committing to put in the hard work to start discovering your unique rhythm. Share your journey to becoming a Disruptor for Dignity at home with us here.  

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